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Life Groups

Life Groups are an exciting way for you to meet and connect with others at CLFBC! Life Groups provide a fun-filled, relaxing environment for people to engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together. Life Groups are focused on building relationships, growing together in your walk with God and praying for one another. There is one for you!!!



Women's Ministry – is a dynamic ministry of CLFBC. The Women's Ministry endeavors to create an atmosphere where women can realize spiritual maturity and fellowship, develop their leadership skills, and minister in the local church, their community and the world.


Dedicated women are making a significant difference in their world by their commitment to devote their time, talents and treasure to the Kingdom of God.


Women are encouraged to accept their responsibility as women of God who will offer themselves as living sacrifices, acceptable and pleasing to God; be devoted to one another in love, honoring one another above themselves; serve God and their church with zeal, keeping their spiritual fervor; joyfully hope; be patient in affliction and faithful in prayer; share with God’s people who are in need; and practice hospitality. Women are also encouraged to be committed to teaching the younger women, as outlined in Titus 2:4.


The WOMEN’s MINISTRY purpose is to encourage spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women; and to contribute to the general welfare of the home, church, community and world.

(Single Adults Living Truth)

S.A.L.T.– is the new and improve Singles Ministry of CLFBC. Recognizing that all Christians are called to envision God's future together, we affirm that S.A.L.T. is a unique call to offer understanding, compassion, and support to one another in promoting wholeness.


We accept and encourage persons to labor together with God for the accomplishment of God's work entrusted to all. We proclaim kinship with Jesus Christ as we promote understanding and support for each other.


S.A.L.T.  will provide a support network for new visions, strategies, goals, and personal worth, focused on God, for the adult person who has never married or who is divorced or widowed.


As the body of Christ, we seek to enrich the lives of all persons. We will respond through mutual sharing, unconditional love, and development of a greater appreciation of other cultures and diversities of persons. We celebrate and affirm our call to promote the spirit of wholeness for all. We seek to increase our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we recognize each individual's uniqueness. We encourage each person to be faithful in their relationship with God and with other persons.


Welcome to the children and family ministry of CLFBC. If you are looking for a church that is Jesus-centered, biblically-based, doctrinally-driven, missions-minded, and discipleship-focused then look no further. At CLFBC, we are as serious about instilling a passion for God in the younger generation as we are for our adults. We want to help your children grow up in the Lord and partner with you as you train your children to know and love Christ.





MAN-2-MAN – CLFBC's ministry for Men is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training God's man in Christ.


The purpose of MAN-2-MAN is to help each other grow in Christ-likeness by providing opportunities for men to become more spiritually mature through a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and our brothers, and to become Godly influences within our home, church and community.


Through mentorships, small groups, fellowship, prayer, accountability, Bible study and special events the men of CLFBC will be equip with information to be all God wants them to be. MAN-2-MAN will also help men to have a sense of belonging in ministry, and strengthens their faith through relationship that will be birth through this ministry.

The Countyline Youth Ministry exist to prepare students for effective ministry to middle high, senior high, or college students and their families.  
Fellowship of the RIngs

Marriage ministries at CLFBC provides resources in four strategic areas:

  1. Preparing for lifelong love.
  2. Repairing unhealthy and damaged relationships in order to foster love and respect, and to reflect God's purpose for marriage.
  3. Equipping marriages to represent Christ and His covenant.
  4. Defending the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. Pursuing creative ideas and relevant topics in the integration of Christian faith, you will find the Felowship of the Rings to be innovative and effective in their ways to influence our world toward God-inspired lives and marriages.This ministry will strive to assist the church in accomplishing three very important goals: restoring couples by connecting them to God's desire and ability to transform their marriage; teaching life-changing concepts that result in successful marriages and continued learning through interaction with other couples. The Fellowship of the Rings is a direct ministry to couples which will develop a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage we have a ministry that can help them improve their marital satisfaction and stability.


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